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We guaranty 100% kosher services!! We are the only one to provide Jewish Traditional Tours in Quito.

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Situated on the oceanfront in Puerto Ayora, the Galapagos Habitat blends in naturally with a surrounding mangrove forest while offering the most pleasant views of Academy Bay available on Santa Cruz. The hotel’s very own private deck and restaurant area have incredible panoramic scenes of the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Habitat Hotel is an exclusive ecological experience. Most noteworthy are the oceanfront views of Academy Bay and the naturally surrounding mangroves. As a result, the mangroves give off the sensation of exclusion from the rest of the island. The hotel is in Puerto Ayora, but it doesn’t feel like it. Imagine yourself walking amongst prehistoric-looking marine iguanas, albatross nesting colonies, lumbering giant tortoises, baby sea turtles hatching or flamingos. Swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, speedy penguins, sea turtles and a myriad of spectacularly colourful fish.



Originally constructed in 1995, Galapagos Habitat still boasts a unique architectural design, blending mangrove forests and Galapagos shoreline. The Privileged Location allows close observation of the mangrove ecosystem in action and views of Puerto Ayora’s bay.


Guests can choose between 17 different rooms with an Ocean View or an exclusive look at the Mangrove Ecosystem. There are 5 Suites, 6 Superiors, and 12 Superior accommodations in total. Rates are per room and include Breakfast & Wi-Fi.


In addition to Galapagos Habitat’s extraordinary characteristics, the hotel hosts multiple Galapagos natives who often frequent the hotel and deck area. Friendly sea lions, marine iguanas, pelicans, and other well-known Galapagos animals love to relax in the company of our guests.


The accommodations are flattered by both the ocean and mangrove scenery. Additionally, there are many different Activities and Adventures that lay beyond the hotel and the island. Therefore, the location is perfect to spend your nights on Santa Cruz while discovering the islands.


All Galapagos Habitat’s accommodations have either an Ocean or Mangrove View. Each room has been remodeled with new interior designs, new bedding has been implemented and guests can enjoy amenites like luxury bath products and even a mini fridge!


Watch the Galapagos sun rise and fall on the recently Renovated Deck and Restaurant of Almar. Guests are now able to enjoy new tables, chairs, loungers and an inviting outdoor lounge concept. Beyond this area we reserved the term “official sea lion resting area” as a result of the constant presence of sea lions looking for a place to relax with their marine iguana friends.


Galapagos Habitat staff are always on hand with a warm smile. The Bar and Lounge is the perfect place to watch Galapagos sunsets. As a matter of fact the barman can fulfill any request. And most noteworthy is that this Galapagos Restaurant is also open to any visitors not staying at the Galapagos Habitat. There is a fully stocked bar including local and international beers, quality wines and liquors.


Isla Grill and Almar specializes in a variety of fresh fish and meats cooked with an Argentinean and Galapagos-Ecuadorian flare. Local Suppliers such as farmers, fishermen and local livestock are used as the primary providers. This is a major factor in how Isla Grill operates. Each menu will consist of local products that support local production. The restaurants will also respect sustainable fishing and obligations to the Galapagos National Park.


DAY 1 – Trf to Hotel. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Dinner
DAY 3 – SHABBAT IN HOTEL. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Lunch & Seuda Shlishit.
DAY 4 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Galapagos. HD TOUR IN THE ISLANDS. Hotel Galapagos Habitat. Dinner
DAY 5 – F/D NORTH SEYMOUR & BACHAS BEACH.Hotel Galapagos Habitat. Dinner
DAY 6 – F/D BARTOLOME ISLAND & CHINESE HAT. Hotel Galapagos Habitat. Dinner
DAY 7 – F/D SANTA FE ISLAND & SOUTH PLAZA ISLAND. Hotel Galapagos Habitat. Dinner
DAY 8 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Quito/Guayaquil.




Welcome to the Galapagos Islands. Your guide will meet you at the airport where you will take a shuttle to the end of Baltra Island to take a ferry to Santa Cruz. Once at Santa Cruz another shuttle will be waiting to take you to visit the highlands.

In the highlands, Giant Tortoises can be seen in their natural habitat. While visiting this area you will visit a local ranch where lunch will be provided. Afterwards, the shuttle will take you to the Charles Darwin Research Station.

The Charles Darwin Research Station is one of the most important sites for visitors. It is a research facility that has an extensive collection of Galapagos plant life specimens carefully preserved and also acts as a biological research station and active breeding center operated by the Charles Darwin Foundation. Their biggest conservation efforts are to one day eliminate all invasive and non-native plants and animals destroying endemic species within the islands.

After the visit to the Research Station, you will be brought to the Galapagos Habitat Eco Luxury Hotel. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon/evening at the hotel in your accommodation and the services provided by the hotel.

You’ll be picked up at the hotel and transferred to the Itabaca Channel to board the yacht that will take you to North Seymour Island. This place is great for hiking. There is a circular path about 2 miles long that crosses the interior of the island and allows you to explore the rocky coastal path. On this trail, you will be able to discover some of the largest seabird colonies in the Galapagos Islands.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to observe the nesting sites of blue-footed boobies and the bright and colorful frigatebirds that are visible throughout the year. These two species represent one of the biggest attractions of Galapagos. The male frigates inflate their red chest when they try to attract or draw attention to the females. These birds are also well known to steal food from the blue-footed boobies, and other bird species for that matter. Additionally, you cannot miss the funny ritual dance performed by the blue-footed boobies in order to win over a female mate, or how they find the perfect pebble and place it by the females feet as a gift.

After lunch, we will go snorkeling and hopefully find sea turtles, Galapagos sharks, and perhaps there will be sea lions playing around in the surf along the shore. After a few hours of this activity, we will visit Bachas Beach. At this beach, you can choose to rest and/or swim in the wonderful Galapagos waters. Tour will end at approximately 5:00 pm. Once more you will be transferred back to the Galapagos Habitat hotel afterward.

Bartholomew is an island surrounded by turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. It will take about 2 hours to arrive by boat. Upon arrival, the tour begins by climbing the boardwalk and staircase. When you reach the top you will see a spectacular landscape. Sullivan Bay and the famous Pinnacle Rock can be seen clearly from here.

The island is a now extinct volcano with a variety of red, orange, green, black and shiny volcanic formations. This is the perfect place to observe Galapagos penguins. Moreover, you can snorkel with sea turtles, sharks, white-tip reef sharks, tropical fish, sea lions and many other unique marine species. After lunch, you will visit Sullivan Bay. Here you can see some amazing lava formations, the product of a volcanic eruption in 1903. This is an excellent example of the typical forms and colors that contrast with older types of lava.

Also, take into account that Bartholomew Island is a breeding ground for green sea turtles. They come to the shores of the island to nest through the months of January and March every year. The tour on the island will end at approximately 5:00 pm and you will be transferred back to the hotel.

Santa Fe is one of the central islands in Galapagos surrounded by an incredible turquoise bay and usually hosts a large colony of sea lions. The island is protected by a natural barrier of rocks where sea lions like to gather. It will take about 40 minutes of navigation on the ocean to arrive by boat. When landing at the site you will discover a beautiful sandy beach, if you are lucky a colony of sea lions will be resting and enjoying the sun when you arrive!

Following the guide on one of the paths, you may find one of the endemic land iguanas found only on this island, the Santa Fe Iguana. Their main foods are the leaves and fruits of the large and thick cactuses, Palo Santo, which are also endemic to the island and are are one of the major attractions. Crabs, night herons, sea iguanas, mockingbirds, and doves are seen frequently in this area. After the walk, lunch will be served on the boat. Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to do some snorkeling. The bay is excellent for practicing this activity and is perfect to find species such as sea tortoises and stingrays. The tour ends at approximately 5:00 pm.

At this time you’ll take a boat back to Santa Cruz, roughly 40 minutes and then you’ll be transferred back to the Galapagos Habitat.

After a complete breakfast at the Galapagos Habitat, you will be transferred to the ferry that will take you back to Baltra airport for your flight back to mainland Ecuador.


Shore excursions
All meals
Bilingual naturalist guides
Conferences and lectures
Visits to the islands mentioned in the itinerary
Transportation to / from the airport in Galapagos
Snorkelling equipment
Internet and WiFi (intermittent and low-bandwidth).



My husband and I wanted to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest yet were unsure how to manage kosher food and Shabbat. We were lucky enough to find Offir through an internet search, and from the moment we made contact with him, we saw that we would be taken care of. His services extended way beyond finding us a beautiful cruise ship and arranging to send kosher food there and to the lodge in the Amazon. He personally arranged our Shabbat accommodations, set up all hotel/airport transfers and found us a tour guide for the free time between. Offir met us at our hotel the evening we arrived and brought with him additional food and patiently answered all of our questions. He checked up on us during our stay to insure that each detail went smoothly and we felt that he would be there for us if any issues came up. It is hard to imagine how we could have managed this trip without his help. We are so grateful to Offir for all his help in making our vacation the trip of a lifetime!

Kenny and Rachel Cohen

"Ecuador Nature took care of every detail of our trip. We booked the trip at the last minute and thanks to Offir’s expertise, everything went smoothly. Every accommodation was fantastic and no detail was left to chance. He gave us a lot of personal attention and even arranged for special dietary accommodations for our family. We had the trip of a lifetime!”

Nancy and David (Harrison, NY)

On behalf of Great Grand Nachas & More group, Milton Pfeiffer, president and myself, I would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for a wonderful tour you organized for our group in Quito and the Galapagos Islands Last November.

You took care of all our kashrut needs, including preparing kosher kitchens, kosher food of high quality and accommodating all of our needs in a most beneficial and welcoming manner.

We also appreciate your great efforts and the friendliness everything was done on your side, which is not less important. We all had the feeling that there is someone who cares and worries about every detail, from arranging vans for our tours, excellent guides, full touring program, full Shabbat service to early comers up to having a rich and a 5 star service and meal standards in the islands.

Thank you so much for everything. We'll sure use your services in the future and recommend your company to everyone.

Best regards and a lot of success

Michael Tuchfeld


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