With more then 10 years of experience & kosher groups from all over the world, we work in the highst standards and have the knowlage and back up from the Jewish Rabbi of Quito community. We make sure all details are accomplishe for our clients. We operate cruises in Galapagos, land based tours in Ecuador & in the Galapagos islands.

We guaranty 100% kosher services!! We are the only one to provide Jewish Traditional Tour in Quito.

Local mashgiah. Variety of products: parve,dairy,fish, chicken & meat. Local diches with fresh & organic products. Luxury tours & hotels. Family reunions. Special events.

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Kosher products


It is the only hotel in the Galapagos with such spacious accommodation – where you can enjoy your own Villa whilst having the benefits of a hotel. We have more than 156 hectares of private land that provides plenty of space for reflection and dreaming. Relax and imagine that the entire estate is there just for you!

Located in a valley between two extinct cinder cone volcanoes, our property has 9 different areas of geological interest from craters to lava tunnels. We are the only hotel with a Miconia Reforestation Program and a Rain Water Harvesting project. Encounter and help us conserve the endangered species that reside on our property: the Galapagos Crake; the Galapagos Short Eared Owl; the Escalesia Pedunculata; the Robesonian Miconia and more.



Get closer to nature and plunge into the wild by opting for our Camping Experience. Add some adventure and a bit of adrenaline to your visit by hiring bikes at the property and riding on our special paths.


Right from your villas, enjoy stunning views over the southeast side of the Archipelago. We are only a 10-minute ride to the tortoise sanctuary. We are only a 25-minute ride to the Itabaca channel.


The Royal Palm Galapagos family are custodians of one of the last remaining natural island eco-systems in the world. Every day we strive to operate in a more sustainable way to bring you the maximum in comfort, with the least impact to our environment. The Royal Palm Restaurant is located in the valley between two extinct cinder cone volcanoes; and offers unrivalled and spectacular views of the estate, and of the lush Miconia Highland Forests adjacent to the Galapagos National Park.


We are the only hotel with Lava Tunnels on our estate. Our 0.4-mile tunnel is the most beautiful and accessible example on the island. Only a 10 min drive to the Ranch of the Giant Tortoises. Gemelos Craters nestled in a lush green cloud foresst very close to the hotel. Cerro Mesa & Local Farms, one of the most beautiful landscapes and panoramic views. Garrapatero beach, one og the nicest beaches on Santa Cruz. Puerto Ayora & shopping a 25 min drive to town to buy souvenirs. Charles Darwin Station, the world's leading research institute dedicated to conservation of the biological diversity of Galapagos. Tortuga bay, one of the most spectacular white sandy beaches in the world.


Authentic Galapagos Cuisine. Modern, Fresh, Authentic and Sustainable. Our cuisine is largely based on fresh products coming from the Highlands of the Galapagos and the abundant local seafood harvested sustainably from around the islands.
Including fresh bread, organic Galapagos eggs and coffee, crisp bacon and sausages, tropical fruit and juice, cereals and pancakes, yogurt and many other delicacies.Our Chef constantly incorporates traditional Ecuadorian and international flavors to our always evolving menu.


Elegant, warm and traditional. The Royal Palm Restaurant and Bar combines elegant colonial style and traditional island design.
The warm mahogany furniture reflects the glow of the open fire and on warmer nights, why not dine alfresco on our terrace under the equatorial stars. The wine cellar reflects the eclectic nature of the menu and includes an extensive range of some of South America’s best wines.


Our menus artfully combine traditional Ecuadorian flavors. American, European, and Ecuadorian classics with some of the more established international best sellers. Light and healthy options are available at every meal and the chefs are happy to accommodate vegetarian and special requirements.


We can also provide special dishes for vegetarians and guests with other special requirements. It is important to note that you can also find excellent quality restaurants, cafes and bars in town. We will be happy to give recommendations based on your taste.


DAY 1 – Trf to Hotel. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Dinner
DAY 3 – SHABBAT IN HOTEL. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Lunch & Seuda Shlishit.
DAY 4 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Galapagos. HD TOUR IN THE ISLANDS. Hotel Ikala. Dinner
DAY 5 – F/D FLOREANA ISLAND.Hotel Ikala. Dinner
DAY 6 – F/D BAY TOUR & BEACH ACTIVITIES. Hotel Ikala. Dinner
DAY 7 – F/D ISABELA ISLAND. Hotel Ikala. Dinner
DAY 8 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Quito/Guayaquil.



The first visit will be to Los Gemelos, there are pair of craters formed by collapse of the soil there is each in one side of the road. Also, you will have the opportunity to see the famous forest of Escalesia, an endemic plant of the Galapagos Islands and one of the favorites of the Finch birds. The next stop will be Las Primicias farm; it is an estate where the famous giant tortoises live in their natural habitat.

These tortoises prefer the high part of the islands since the climate is humid and there is plenty of food and water. Nearby there is the Lava Tunnels, long time ago these tunnels where rivers of lava.

Day tour to Floreana Island starts in the morning at 6:30 a.m. with a short walk to the pier of Puerto Ayora, from where a local aquatic taxi will take us to the Galapagos Element Wind speed Yacht to sail to the small town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra located on the Floreana Island. With little luck and during the navigation, we may be able to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales . Once we arrive at Pt o. Velasco Ibarra in Floreana, a local aquatic taxi will transport us from the speed boat to the pier of the town. There we will great chances to meet sea lions and marine iguanas enjoying the morning sun! At the pier we board a local transport known as “ C hiva ” which will take us for a 30 minutes ride up to the highlands of Floreana Island. The chiva will ascend following a mood road surrounded by typical dry vegetation of the coastal area and later, as we ascend, will be transformed into a lush, green vege tation. On this area we also find some farms with plantations of bananas, coffee, cacao, and other tropical plantations. Our short drive will end at the “pampada” from where we start a beautiful walk which permit us to observe the typical flora of the area . Here we will also encounter some giant Galapagos turtles, which are very sensible and shy and if we approach them, immediately will hide their head under the shell. It is very important not to touch or feed these amazing animals. Our walk will continue until we reach a rocky area at base of the hill and where we find the place known as “Asilo de la Paz” (Peace Asylum), a historical place where the German Wittmer family established when arrived to Floreana in 1932. During our walk we will observe the cave s used as their home before moving to the place which now is known as Puerto Velasco Ibarra.

The whole ambiance of the Asilo de la Paz is of a complete tranquility, with a landscape of exuberant green and if weather permits, we can enjoy awesome views of the surrounding hills and perhaps of the Pacific Ocean. After this visit, we descend to La Pampada from where our chiva, will transport us back to the town where we will enjoy a lunch prepared in a local small restaurant and then, after a short rest, we make 900 meters walk to the place known as “La Loberia”, a bay of beautiful scenery . The main attraction of this place is the presence of a small colony of sea lions ( Zalophus wollebacki ). There are also great chances to observe marine iguanas ( Am blyrhynchus cristatus ) resting on the rocky areas, and on the waters of the bay we will be able to observe marine turtles ( Chelonia midas agazzisi ). We will have time to spend on this amazing place perhaps snorkeling, or just taking pictures and then we return to the town where you will have a free time before we aboard our Galapagos Element Yacht which will transport us back to the city of Puerto Ayora.

This beautiful 4 - hour tour starts at 8 a.m. from your hotel with a private transport up to the place known as Salasacas from where we enter the national park until a point where we start a short walk (20 minutes) to the heavenly place. This is o ne of Santa Cruz’s most peaceful and tranquil settings, the 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of sand that compose El Garrapatero Beach is a tropical paradise. It is about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) northeast of Puerto Ayora and is well worth the trip. Surrounded by beautiful mangrove trees, the beach is home to an inc redible array of birds, most notably, flamingos and mockingbirds. You can also find marine iguanas, oystercatchers, patillos , Galapagos pelicans amongst the white sands and clear blue water. Return to Pto. Ayora. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon at 2 p.m. we will start our bay tour with a relaxed naviga tion in Academy bay and going towards M osquera , an islet located in front of the island Santa Cruz . Depending of the water conditions , you will have the opportunity for swim ming and snorkel ing with sea lions , colorful fishes, marine iguanas . L ater , we will disembark for a soft hike to explore the shark’s channel . Walking further to Playa de Los Perros, we will meet colonies of marine iguanas while enjoying beautiful and colorful scenery. Back t o Puerto Ayora.

The tour to Isabela Island starts in the morning at about 6:30 a.m. when our guide will pick up you from your hotel and after a short walk you are at the pier of Puerto Ayora, from where a local aquatic taxi will take us to the Galapagos Element Yacht to sail to the city of Pto. Villamil on Isabela Island. During our navigation of 2½ hours, there are great chances to observe marine turtles, manta rays, several species of marine birds and perhaps whales. Once in Isabela, a local aquatic taxi will tak e us to the pier from where a private transport leads us to the center of the town where we will have a short time for a coffee and rest. Afterwards we start our walk to the place known as “Humedales” (wet areas) where we find a well - maintained trail which we will follow while observing this beautiful place composed by lagoons and rocks surrounded by 4 species of exuberant mangroves and typical trees of the area. In the lagoons we can observe flamingoes and migratory birds such as the charran or Gaviota de Galapagos ( Creagrus furcatus) , la Cerceta aliazul , etc. The walk with end at the Isabela Interpretation Center where our guide will explain us about the different activities developed by the National Park to protect the fragile environment. Here we will al so find Giant Galapagos Tortoises of different species and sizes. Our transport will take us back to the town where we will enjoy lunch in one of the local restaurants. A short rest will be followed with a visit to the place known as “Las Tintoreras”, a v ery scenic area where we find colonies of marine iguanas, sea lions, and as one of the main attractions, we will be able to observe the sharks known as Tintoreras ( White - tipped shark ) resting in the channels formed by lava flows. Later, we can do some snor keling activities perhaps with the company of sea lions, penguins and marine turtles. In the area close to the pier, we will have time for rest and enjoy the beach before we embark our speed boat for the sailing back to the city of Puerto Ayora. Note: The small city of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island has one of the most beautiful beaches of the inhabited islands of Galapagos.

Morning transfer to the airport where our guide will help you with the airline check in. End of our services.


Shore excursions
All meals
Bilingual naturalist guides
Conferences and lectures
Visits to the islands mentioned in the itinerary
Transportation to / from the airport in Galapagos
Snorkelling equipment
Internet and WiFi (intermittent and low-bandwidth).



My husband and I wanted to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest yet were unsure how to manage kosher food and Shabbat. We were lucky enough to find Offir through an internet search, and from the moment we made contact with him, we saw that we would be taken care of. His services extended way beyond finding us a beautiful cruise ship and arranging to send kosher food there and to the lodge in the Amazon. He personally arranged our Shabbat accommodations, set up all hotel/airport transfers and found us a tour guide for the free time between. Offir met us at our hotel the evening we arrived and brought with him additional food and patiently answered all of our questions. He checked up on us during our stay to insure that each detail went smoothly and we felt that he would be there for us if any issues came up. It is hard to imagine how we could have managed this trip without his help. We are so grateful to Offir for all his help in making our vacation the trip of a lifetime!

Kenny and Rachel Cohen

"Ecuador Nature took care of every detail of our trip. We booked the trip at the last minute and thanks to Offir’s expertise, everything went smoothly. Every accommodation was fantastic and no detail was left to chance. He gave us a lot of personal attention and even arranged for special dietary accommodations for our family. We had the trip of a lifetime!”

Nancy and David (Harrison, NY)


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