With more then 10 years of experience & kosher groups from all over the world, we work in the highst standards and have the knowledge and back up from the Jewish Rabbi of Quito community. We make sure all details are accomplished for our clients. We operate cruises in Galapagos, land based tours in Ecuador & in the Galapagos islands.

We guaranty 100% kosher services!! We are the only one to provide Jewish Traditional Tours in Quito.

Local mashgiah. Variety of products: parve,dairy,fish, chicken & meat. Local diches with fresh & organic products. Luxury tours & hotels. Family reunions. Special events.

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Here at Semilla Verde, we believe your experience in the Galapagos Islands should be as unique and natural as you are. So, we offer you the chance to stay somewhere far removed from your busy life and the standard hotel offering you may be used to. Giant tortoises visit the seasonal ponds on the property from August to March and native birds such as Darwin Finches, Yellow Warblers, Dark Billed Cuckoos and Galapagos Mockingbirds thrive in the lush green canopy all year round. Semilla Verde Boutique is a place that takes you back a little bit in history, at the same time that you share with nature and the abundant fauna of Galápagos.



Enjoy the customization of the service, panoramic views from private terraces and exclusive access roads through twelve acres of private forest where you can find giant tortoises enjoying the nature of free form and watching as the birds grow. At night, have the experience of witnessing the majestic Milky Way. We have nine rooms with air conditioning, bathroom and TV / DVD. Located just 12 minutes away, with a means of transport, from Puerto Ayora; An authentic and friendly place for your adventure in Galapagos.


Semilla Verde now has complimentary high speed internet via WiFi. Each room has a Flatscreen TV and DVD player together with a selection of Galapagos documentaries. A library of reference books about Galapagos and various fictional book titles and DVDs are found in the lounge of each home. All rooms are ensuite and all have their own adjoining terrace and hammock.


Activities have been designed to give you maximum exposure to Galapagos in a short visit, from two to ten nights, in a tight, affordable bundle.They include the very best visits to nearby islands via full day boat tours and the must-dos of Santa Cruz via half day guided tours and self guided activities.


With nine en suite bedrooms with A/C, three large lounge areas, private terraces, twelve acres of native forest with walking trails, and a fully equipped yoga studio, lunch & dinner menus on request, confidence bar, laundry service and WiFi, if your aim is to ‘get away and stay away from it all’ you have plenty of space and all the essential amenities you need to do so.


Semilla Verde remains true to the philosophy on which it originally built for good friends and family, ensuring a level of intimacy, personal service and home cooking your will only find in a traditional guesthouse. We have resisted the temptation to expand and thereby maintain a quality of life and optimum working conditions for our long term staff who share these ideals.


Our hotel & tour package options compliment your stay and will carry you on an amazing adventure to the most interesting outlying islands and local attractions with qualified naturalist guides, or via self guided activities. You will taste first hand the beauty and awe of Galapagos and it’s unique flora and fauna – from towering cactii and tiny Darwin finches, to diving marine iguanas and playful sea lions. From barren volcanic landscapes to lush cloud forests.


The meals we serve are prepared using fresh ingredients and purchased locally when available. We believe that each person has different requirements and nowadays it is mandatory to serve meals prepared individually according to specific tastes. At the same time we believe that the best flavors are achieved by preparing the food in a timely manner and not rushing it. Both the Hotel and Finch Wing have confidence bars with a variety of drinks including beer, wine and sodas. Various snacks are also available. Tea and coffee and fresh water is available free for our guests during the 24 hours.


Our cooks are very experienced with different types of food and are very adept at adapting our best recipes for pescaterianos, vegetarians, vegans, paleo, kosher, without dairy and without gluteno, etc.

Dinners are more cosmopolitan but generally use coastal recipes and focus more towards fish and seafood. Although all our dishes can be prepared for every taste and preference including meat or vegetarian.


DAY 1 – Trf to Hotel. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Dinner
DAY 3 – SHABBAT IN HOTEL. Hotel Dann Carlton Quito. Lunch & Seuda Shlishit.
DAY 4 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Galapagos. HD TOUR IN THE ISLANDS. Hotel Semilla Verde. Dinner
DAY 5 – F/D NORTH SEYMOUR & BACHAS BEACH.Hotel Semilla Verde. Dinner
DAY 6 – F/D BAY TOUR & BEACH ACTIVITIES. Hotel Semilla Verde. Dinner
DAY 7 – F/D SANTA FE ISLAND. Hotel Semilla Verde. Dinner
DAY 8 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Quito/Guayaquil.




The first visit will be to Los Gemelos, there are pair of craters formed by collapse of the soil there is each in one side of the road. Also, you will have the opportunity to see the famous forest of Escalesia, an endemic plant of the Galapagos Islands and one of the favorites of the Finch birds. The next stop will be Las Primicias farm; it is an estate where the famous giant tortoises live in their natural habitat.

These tortoises prefer the high part of the islands since the climate is humid and there is plenty of food and water. Nearby there is the Lava Tunnels, long time ago these tunnels where rivers of lava.

North Seymour, Island was lifted from the ocean floor by a seismic event, and its origins as a seabed give the island its low, flat profile. Cliffs only a few meters high form the shoreline, where swallow-tailed gulls sit perched in ledges. A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees stand just above the landing, usually without leaves, waiting for the rain to bring them into bloom.

This island is teaming with life! You might have to give way to a passing sea lion or marine iguana; blue-footed booby nests sit beside the trail where mating pairs perform their courtship dance. Further along, the rocky shore displays white sand, and large flocks of pelicans mass for a dive-bomb feeding frenzy, rendering a tableau for us from ages long past. The trail turns inland to reveal the largest nesting site in the Galapagos of the “magnificent frigate bird.” These huge, dark acrobats have two-meter wingspans, and males, with puffed up scarlet throat sacks; sit precariously perched in low bushes to watch over their equally large chicks.

Las Bachas a sandy white-coral beach that is a major egg-laying site for sea turtles. On the shore, there are many marine iguanas and in the lagoon, flamingos are commonly seen. This beach is also a good place for swimming and snorkeling.

We take the dinghy over to “La Lobería”, in this tour you can snorkel and swim in transparent waters and play with friendly sea lions. Following the tour we headed to the "El canal Del Amor", a place where nature show us its beauty, at the end of this station, we are going to find a viewpoint where you can see white sharks. After a short hike you can see the marine iguanas in the "Playa de los Perros". “Las Grietas” is the last place that you are going to visit at this tour, is the Volcanic Rock pool located in Punta Estrada in this place you can swim and then we head back to the port. Tortuga Bay is a beautiful white and powdery beach that seems to go on forever. Walking to the beach takes about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace. Tortuga Bay is a nesting site for the black turtle. It’s one of the longest beaches of white sand, it is an ideal spot for surfing, snorkeling, swimming and walking. Visitors can appreciate in this place marine iguanas, sharks and sea turtles. This island has a picturesque turquoise lagoon and calm waters where you can snorkel with sea Sharks. Also be able to see starfish, colorful fish and manta rays.

Santa Fe offers one of the more beautiful and sheltered coves in the islands. Its turquoise lagoon is protected by a peninsula of tiny islets forming an ideal anchorage. The island lies to the southeast of Santa Cruz within sight of Puerto Ayora. Like North Seymour, Santa Fe has been uplifted seismically, and you can see underwater lava formations. A wet landing on a sandy white beach brings us into contact with one of the many sea lion harems. Bulls vie for the right of Beach Master, while smaller males mask as females to make stealthy mating moves. Galapagos hawks are often easily approached, perched atop salt bushes. The giant prickly pear cactus found here live up to their name, with tree-sized trunks! Our goal is to spot one of the large species of land iguana native to Santa Fe. Beige to chocolate brown in color with dragon-like spines, these huge iguanas truly resemble dinosaurs. An indigenous species of rice rat also inhabits the thicket, and lucky hikers can spot harmless Galapagos snakes. After the hike, there is nothing more inviting than a swim in the calm waters of the bay.

Morning transfer to the airport where our guide will help you with the airline check in. End of our services.


Shore excursions
All meals
Bilingual naturalist guides
Conferences and lectures
Visits to the islands mentioned in the itinerary
Transportation to / from the airport in Galapagos
Snorkelling equipment
Internet and WiFi (intermittent and low-bandwidth).



My husband and I wanted to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest yet were unsure how to manage kosher food and Shabbat. We were lucky enough to find Offir through an internet search, and from the moment we made contact with him, we saw that we would be taken care of. His services extended way beyond finding us a beautiful cruise ship and arranging to send kosher food there and to the lodge in the Amazon. He personally arranged our Shabbat accommodations, set up all hotel/airport transfers and found us a tour guide for the free time between. Offir met us at our hotel the evening we arrived and brought with him additional food and patiently answered all of our questions. He checked up on us during our stay to insure that each detail went smoothly and we felt that he would be there for us if any issues came up. It is hard to imagine how we could have managed this trip without his help. We are so grateful to Offir for all his help in making our vacation the trip of a lifetime!

Kenny and Rachel Cohen

"Ecuador Nature took care of every detail of our trip. We booked the trip at the last minute and thanks to Offir’s expertise, everything went smoothly. Every accommodation was fantastic and no detail was left to chance. He gave us a lot of personal attention and even arranged for special dietary accommodations for our family. We had the trip of a lifetime!”

Nancy and David (Harrison, NY)


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