With more then 10 years of experience & kosher groups from all over the world, we work in the highst standards and have the knowledge and back up from the Jewish Rabbi of Quito community. We make sure all details are accomplished for our clients. We operate cruises in Galapagos, land based tours in Ecuador & in the Galapagos islands.

We guaranty 100% kosher services!! We are the only one to provide Jewish Traditional Tours in Quito.

Local mashgiah. Variety of products: parve,dairy,fish, chicken & meat. Local diches with fresh & organic products. Luxury tours & hotels. Family reunions. Special events.

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At Galapagos Safari Camp we invite you to enjoy an authentic and fulfilling experience during your Galapagos Island vacation, surrounded by breathtaking views and memorable encounters with wildlife, all in discreet luxury. A family-owned property, managed by a handpicked team, adept at creating an experience which take you to far off islands where animals roam free without fear. Inspired by the magic of African safari camps, its founders have brought the Safari tradition to the tropics, introducing a new concept for genuine Galapagos Islands travel. It's is a space to reawaken your senses, reconnect with nature, and renew your spirit touched by the magic that only a Galapagos Island vacation can provide.


Galapagos Islands travel is a breathtaking adventure that puts you in the midst of lumbering tortoises, at arm’s length from playful sea lions, and looking out over the horizon from high vistas. Each day on safari brings new discoveries, ushering in a Galapagos Island vacation which sheds new light to the fragile relationship between man and nature in the archipelago. Galapagos holidays at our camp celebrate the mystery of the islands, taking our guests off the beaten path and into the extraordinary landscape that has enthralled visitors for centuries.

We are passionate about making your Galapagos Island vacation a once in a lifetime event, a journey that exceeds expectations at every turn. Each point on the compass takes you in a new direction from the camp, leading to islands created millions of years ago by ancient volcano eruptions. Galapagos Islands travel is an immersion into the stunning diversity of these uninhabited islands, journeys that ignite a newfound curiosity for the natural world.


Galapagos Safari Camp was conceived and built with passion. Our African-styled tented camp is a creative alternative to exploring the archipelago and soak nature in all comfort. Nestled in the wild highlands of Santa Cruz Island with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the National Park, our stylish camp offers a panoramic lodge, nine charming tents, a family suite and an infinity pool under a canapé of endemic trees.


Our exclusive accommodations set you in proximity to a tortoise reserve and feature Panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, The western & northern islands of Isabela, Santiago, Pinzon, Baltra, Rabida, Guy Fawkes and Daphne, Located in our 55-hectare farm in harmony with nature, learn more about our eco-friendly lifestyle, Nine private tents and a three-bedroom suite, Infinity pool surrounded by breathtaking scenery, “The Viewpoint” Terrace, Kids club (operational during school holidays)


Our open space lodge is built on a hill with panoramic views from its expansive veranda. It features a lounge, library, cosy fireplace and a bar. It hosts our dining room, serving local and international farm-to-table dishes inspired by our chef. Located below the main lodge, our tents are: Raised on wooden platforms. Supported by three layers: one to protect against the sun, another against the rain and an inner canvas shell. Blended with nature, with airy and comfortable interiors. Custom-made furniture, including cupboards and a writing desk. En-suite bathrooms with good water pressure, hot showers and flush toilets. Private balconies with ocean views and safari furniture.


We also offer a three-bedroom suite as an alternative to our tents. Located next to the main lodge we consider it an ideal solution for families with younger children. It houses six guests, features a master bedroom and two twin rooms as well as a playroom. We can safely say that we know what children and parents need when visiting the Galapagos. The result is the knowledge of traveling with children in the Galapagos.


Our camp is immersed in nature. It is unobtrusive in its architecture, designed with discreet luxury that is unpretentious and familiar. Its the place we call home. We want to share it with you. From the moment you walk in, your senses are awakened. The views are spectacular and the accommodations warm and welcoming. We take notice of your preferences and anticipate your needs. Our trips are tailored to your needs, whether you travel alone or with your family. Whether you decide on a cruise or any of our many combinations, our purpose is to provide you with a memorable Galapagos experience. A story to go home and talk about with inspiration.


We believe that sustainability should be a choice based on common sense and love of nature. The Galapagos Islands’ fragile ecosystems are affected daily by human presence and tourism. However, there is a welcome trend of responsible thinking that helps balance sustainable development and protection of the environment. At Galapagos Safari Camp we set the standard for responsible practices both at a human and environmental level. Our reforestation program together with our cacao plantation pioneer sustainable conservation efforts.


DAY 1 – Trf to Hotel. Hotel Swisshotel. Dinner
DAY 3 – SHABBAT IN HOTEL. Hotel Swisshotel. Lunch & Seuda Shlishit.
DAY 4 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Galapagos. HD TOUR IN THE ISLANDS. Hotel Galapagos Safari Camp. Dinner
DAY 5 – F/D NORTH SEYMOUR & BACHAS BEACH.Hotel Galapagos Safari Camp. Dinner
DAY 6 – F/D BAY TOUR & BEACH ACTIVITIES. Hotel Galapagos Safari Camp. Dinner
DAY 7 – F/D SANTA FE ISLAND. Hotel Galapagos Safari Camp. Dinner
DAY 8 – Trf to Airport. Flight to Quito/Guayaquil.




Welcome to the Galapagos! An English-speaking naturalist guide meets you at the VIP lounge at Baltra Airport to escort you on your excursion of the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. Enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced lunch at a farm in the western hills. Take in the area’s natural beauty, pit craters, lava tunnels, and learn more about the Scalesia and Guayabillo forests. At the Tortoise Reserve, share some time in the giant tortoises’ natural habitat, surrounded by the abundant bird life of the area. End this day at Galapagos Safari Camp with a sunset cocktail followed by dinner.

This island, brimming with life across its rocky surface, hosts blue-footed booby and frigate mating colonies. Land iguanas also frequent the area, seen along the 2-mile trail that loops around the southern section of the island. As we begin our walk, we come across nests of comic-looking blue-footed boobies. Galápagos mockingbirds and yellow warblers are often spotted. As we draw near to the frigate colony, the remarkable birds seem to be nesting in every surrounding tree. Males inflate their red, basketball-sized pouches to attract mates. Back in our dinghy, we head to Mosquera islet, in the channel between Baltra and North Seymour. Here we can find a large sea lion colony, full of pups, bulls and females of different ages.

This beautiful 4 - hour tour starts at 8 a.m. from your hotel with a private transport up to the place known as Salasacas from where we enter the national park until a point where we start a short walk (20 minutes) to the heavenly place. This is o ne of Santa Cruz’s most peaceful and tranquil settings, the 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of sand that compose El Garrapatero Beach is a tropical paradise. It is about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) northeast of Puerto Ayora and is well worth the trip. Surrounded by beautiful mangrove trees, the beach is home to an inc redible array of birds, most notably, flamingos and mockingbirds. You can also find marine iguanas, oystercatchers, patillos , Galapagos pelicans amongst the white sands and clear blue water. Return to Pto. Ayora. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon at 2 p.m. we will start our bay tour with a relaxed naviga tion in Academy bay and going towards M osquera , an islet located in front of the island Santa Cruz . Depending of the water conditions , you will have the opportunity for swim ming and snorkel ing with sea lions , colorful fishes, marine iguanas . L ater , we will disembark for a soft hike to explore the shark’s channel . Walking further to Playa de Los Perros, we will meet colonies of marine iguanas while enjoying beautiful and colorful scenery. Back t o Puerto Ayora.

This island is among the oldest in the archipelago, with underwater lava formations dating back 3.9 million years. Its visitor trails are bursting with animal activity. Santa Fe is home to a healthy population of terrestrial iguanas including the Santa Fe yellow iguana, as well as the inky-black marine iguanas. Other residents include Galápagos hawks and blue-footed boobies. Friendly sea lions line the shores and swim besides you when snorkelling, while marine iguanas bask in the sunshine on shoreline rocks, or dart quickly past under the waves. We can also hope to observe sharks, rays, and colourful schools of fish.

Morning transfer to the airport where our guide will help you with the airline check in. End of our services.


Shore excursions
All meals
Bilingual naturalist guides
Conferences and lectures
Visits to the islands mentioned in the itinerary
Transportation to / from the airport in Galapagos
Snorkelling equipment
Internet and WiFi (intermittent and low-bandwidth).



My husband and I wanted to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest yet were unsure how to manage kosher food and Shabbat. We were lucky enough to find Offir through an internet search, and from the moment we made contact with him, we saw that we would be taken care of. His services extended way beyond finding us a beautiful cruise ship and arranging to send kosher food there and to the lodge in the Amazon. He personally arranged our Shabbat accommodations, set up all hotel/airport transfers and found us a tour guide for the free time between. Offir met us at our hotel the evening we arrived and brought with him additional food and patiently answered all of our questions. He checked up on us during our stay to insure that each detail went smoothly and we felt that he would be there for us if any issues came up. It is hard to imagine how we could have managed this trip without his help. We are so grateful to Offir for all his help in making our vacation the trip of a lifetime!

Kenny and Rachel Cohen

"Ecuador Nature took care of every detail of our trip. We booked the trip at the last minute and thanks to Offir’s expertise, everything went smoothly. Every accommodation was fantastic and no detail was left to chance. He gave us a lot of personal attention and even arranged for special dietary accommodations for our family. We had the trip of a lifetime!”

Nancy and David (Harrison, NY)


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